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The Texas Trees Foundation

The Texas Trees Foundation (Texas Trees) serves as a catalyst in creating a new green legacy for North Texas through transformational, research-based plans that educate and mobilize the public to activate the social, economic, environmental, and health benefits that trees and urban forestry provide for a better quality of life.

The Mission of the Texas Trees Foundation is to:

  • Plant trees to enhance the beauty and beneficial use of public lands and right-of-ways
  • Expand, maintain, and protect the permanence of the urban forest
  • Educate people of all ages to be good stewards of our most important natural resources – trees.

The Texas Trees Foundation has a vision for our community. It is a community comprised of beautiful, well maintained parks, shady tree-lined streets and boulevards, hiking, biking and nature trails, and other outdoor amenities which combine to form a living and working environment that enhances the economic value of its commercial areas and its neighborhoods, and nurtures the health, safety and quality of life of all its citizens; a community in which its citizens actively participate in building and sustaining its “urban forest.” The Foundation will serve as a catalyst in creating such a community.

North Texas has one of the most challenging urban climates in the United States. The Dallas Metroplex endures oppressive summer heat, limited rainfall, poor soils, and one of the nation’s worst problems with air pollution. Energy costs keep rising and the urban heat island effect continues to increase temperatures. Residents are at risk and need a solution.

Texas Trees Foundation provides education, trees, and other support needed to create more livable communities and better land stewards through a variety of initiatives, programs, projects and partnerships.


Ryan Larson

Director of Development and Communications


Emily Fitzgerald

Southwestern Medical District Project Assistant


Marc Beaudoing

Operations Manager


Zaneta Oliver

Administrative Assistant


William Gering

Sr. Accounting Manager


Bryan Beck

Education Manager


Zach Wirtz

Urban Forestry Manager


Samantha Bradley

Cool Schools Coordinator


Josh Wilbanks

Marketing Manager


Eric Wettengel

Urban Forestry Coordinator


Lannie McClelen

Southwestern Medical District Project Coordinator


Available Positions

We’re branching out and growing our team! Check out the listings below if you’re interested in joining the Texas Trees Foundation! (Positions will be removed once filled)

Urban Forestry Coordinator

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Bobby B. Lyle
Lyco Holdings, Incorporated

Don M. Glendenning
Locke Lord LLP

Dan E. Patterson
Patterson Thoma Family Office

Board Members

Patrick D. Little
Turner Construction Co.

Stanley R. Levenson
Media Professional

Martha Gallier
Media Professional

Adam McGill
Vistra Energy

Diane Scovell
Community Volunteer


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