Texas Trees Foundation

Texas Trees Foundation, HEB, Retreet Releaf Project

Over 300 trees were given out to the residential victims of the May 2013 Cleburne tornadoes.




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Texas Trees Foundation Video

Produced by the Art Institute of Dallas

 6 min youtube cut

Celebrate trees with this promotional video of Texas Trees Foundation. Created by students at Art Institute of Dallas as a class project, this video details the importance of trees in urban environments and how Texas Trees Foundation is making a difference, by creating healthy communities through tree planting, education and advocacy. Join us today and plant a tree!

Presenting the Texas Tree Smart Website

Picture of New WebsiteTexas Trees Foundation (TTF) and Oncor have launched an interactive online educational website designed to help both children and adults learn important facts to ensure their tree planting experience is a rewarding one. This fun, educational web site permits children and adults alike to learn about the value of trees and the value in planting the right tree in the right place at the right time. The new site is located at www.TexasTreeSmart.org. The new interactive site is designed to help people as they begin to replant the urban forest. The site provides information, technology and access to resources to ensure newly planted trees provide maximum benefit while not interfering with utility lines.

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