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The State of the Dallas Urban Forest Report Highlights

During the summer of 2014, the Texas Trees Foundation (TTF) completed an i-Tree Eco* Assessment for the City of Dallas. With generous assistance from six college interns and the City of Dallas Urban Forester, Foundation staff assessed 621 randomly selected plots. Data was analyzed, interpreted and combined with information from two additional studies completed by the Texas Trees Foundation: The Dallas Roadmap to Planning and Planting Trees (2010), the Open Lands Study (2014). With support from the Dallas Urban Heat Island Study (2004) the comprehensive The State of the Dallas Urban Forest Report was produced.

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Texas Trees Foundation Video

Produced by the Art Institute of Dallas

 6 min youtube cut

Celebrate trees with this promotional video of Texas Trees Foundation. Created by students at Art Institute of Dallas as a class project, this video details the importance of trees in urban environments and how Texas Trees Foundation is making a difference, by creating healthy communities through tree planting, education and advocacy. Join us today and plant a tree!

Attention Girl Scouts of North Texas, we have postponed our event scheduled for March 28, 2015 until the fall!  Please check back on our Facebook page or the Girl Scouts page for more information as the time draws near!  Thank you for your support of Texas Trees Foundation!

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Presenting the Texas Tree Smart Website

Picture of New WebsiteTexas Trees Foundation (TTF) and Oncor have launched an interactive online educational website designed to help both children and adults learn important facts to ensure their tree planting experience is a rewarding one.

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