Project Design

Southwestern Medical District Urban Streetscape and Park Project

More than a streetscape but an opportunity to center the project around these key elements:

  • ROBUST EQUITABLE ENGAGEMENT in which all people have a direct bridge to express their needs, goals, desires and incorporate their voices into an actionable plan.
  • EVIDENCE-BASED DESIGN that will model, optimize and validate design concepts to have the greatest health and environmental benefit.
  • GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE¬†that creates healthy people, healthy systems, and healthy environments.
  • HEALTH RESEARCH to quantify nature as the equalizer that provides mental, physical, spiritual and economic restoration for all people.



The Green Spine project seeks to elevate additional modes of transportation such as walking, bicycling and transit to the benefit of those visiting, working and living in the District. As the signature street of the Medical District, the Green Spine will make a positive impression while aspiring to the highest standards of safety, health, cohesion, aesthetics, and environmental stewardship.

  • Of the anticipated project cost of $32.5 million, $18.5 has been secured from the City of Dallas, NCTCOG, and private donors. Design is fully funded by private donors and in progress.
  • Estimated design to construction completion timeline: 2020 to 2024


At the center of the District the Green Park will create an iconic hub that connects and serves the whole Medical District. The Green Park will be a landmark destination that provides an important link to nature in order to promote wellness, makes pedestrian connections across the District, provides programmed park spaces, enhances economic development, and improves multi-modal connectivity.

  • Privately funded vision document is completed and anticipated project cost are being refined.

Design Team

Texas Trees Foundation has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of talent to lead the design and engagement effort and deliver construction documents to transform the Harry Hines Boulevard corridor.

  • Landscape architecture and urban design team led by PWP LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE
  • Equitable engagement team led by MIG EQUITY STUDIO
  • Engineering and technical services team led by KIMLEY-HORN