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Southwestern Medical District Streetscape Master Plan

The Mission of the Texas Trees Foundation is (i) to preserve, beautify and expand parks and other public natural green spaces, and (ii) to beautify our public streets, boulevards and rights-of-way by planting trees and encouraging others to do the same through educational programs that focus on the importance of building and protecting the “urban forest” today as a legacy for generations to come.

Certificate of Incorporation:
Dallas Parks Foundation – 1982
Dallas Trees & Parks Foundation – 1988
Texas Trees Foundation – 2004

The Southwestern Medical District in Dallas, Texas is home to world-renowned hospitals and is a place of innovation, hope and healing. But, step outside of these remarkable institutions and into the streetscape, and a less vibrant and healthy story emerges.

The Texas Trees Foundation is rewriting the story by leading a visionary, therapeutic landscape redesign to transform the antiquated Harry Hines corridor into a vibrant, connected and safe multi-model linear parkway with a 10-acre park. Through the lens of a robust equitable engagement process, the holistic restructuring will focus on evidence-based design that enhances the environment, uplifts adjoining neighborhoods and businesses, spurs economic development and nurtures the body, mind and spirit of the more than 4 million individuals who experience the district annually.

Why do this? Because Texas Trees Foundation wants to increase the quality of life in the district by deepening one’s connection with their natural surroundings to better thrive in the ecosystem of their community.

At Texas Trees Foundation (TTF), we are committed to connecting people with trees in their everyday life to create healthier and stronger communities. This mission has brought TTF to Dallas’ Southwestern Medical District (“the District”), an area of the City lacking any notable green space. In 2015, a study done by TTF showed the district to be one of the largest urban heat islands in the City, with less than 7% tree canopy to mitigate the negative effects of heat on human health.

Scientific research has found that trees and nature help improve and stimulate the immune system which helps to reduce stress, improving mental health, focus and cognitive function. In addition, a trees shade promotes active lifestyles, reduces urban heat island effect, diminishes environmental noise, improves safety, and creates a stronger community.

The genesis of this project was rooted in improving human health for all community members – the patients, doctors, nurses, staff, students, residents, visitors, business owners, patrons, etc. (“the community”) – because they are the lifeblood of the District.

Advisory Committee

Education and Research

Dr. Shannon Van Zandt

Texas A&M

Lori Delacruz Lewis

Mountain View College

Bryan Beck

Texas Trees Foundation

Dr. Cavin Ward-Caviness


Terri Scannell


Dr. Tim Beatley

University of Virginia

Dr. Wayne Cascio, MD


Dr. Michelle Kondo

USDA Forest Service

Dr. Chanam Lee

Texas A&M

Dr. Geoffrey Donovan

USDA Forest Service


Dr. Aaron Roberts


Michael Carleton

Arredondo, Zepeda & Brunz

Paul Westbrook


Zach Wirtz

Texas Trees Foundation

Gretchen Riley

Texas A&M Forest Service

Chariss York

Texas AgriLife Extension

David Marquis


Dr. Fouad Jaber

Texas A&M

Matt Weaver

Texas Tech

Dr. Kathy Jack

The Nature Conservancy

Dr. Robert Brown

Texas A&M

Arts and Humanities

Dr. Larry Allums

Dallas Institute of Humanities

Dr. Gail Thomas

Center for the City

Dr. Jessie Zarazaga


Linda Blase


DP Ayyappan


Courtney Crothers

UT Southwestern

Jill Magnuson

Nasher Sculpture Center

Adriane Bulthuis

Previously Perot Museum

David Preziosi

Preservation Dallas

Economic Development

Conners Ladner

Design Workshop

Larry Speck

UT & Page Southerland Page

Carlton Schwab

TX Ec Dev Council

Dr. Daniel Oney

Newmark Knight Frank

Eric Griffin

Dallas Regional Chamber

Dustin Bullard

Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Lara Moffat

Landscape Forms

Kathy Stewart

Uptown Dallas

Craig Davis


Lauren Fasic


Vince Tam



Willis Winters

Retired Director of Dallas Parks & Rec

Mike Hellman

Retired Director of Sacramento Parks

Adriane Bulthuis

Previously Perot Museum

Dr. Bruce Brown

UT Southwestern

Major Catrina Shead

Dallas Police

Lieutenant Kevin Campell

Dallas Police

Kevin Oden

COD, Homeless Solutions

Reginald Christian

Children’s Medical Center

Jennifer Sanders

Dallas Innovation Alliance

Transportation and Mobility

Alisyn Malek

Middle Third Co.

Dr. Theresa Pohlkamp

UT Southwestern

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