Careers in Forestry - Video Collection

If you enjoy working around trees, there are plenty of jobs for you – both inside and outside the office! The following is a collection of videos highlighting some careers in forestry, with an emphasis on urban forestry, that can help shed some light on how you can pursue your passion and career related to trees.  Be sure to do your own research on required education, skills and job responsibilities!

Urban Forestry as a Career

Career Profile - Urban Forester

Urban Forester at Disneyland Resort

Be An Urban Forester! (Funny)

Careers In Arboriculture (part 1)

Careers In Arboriculture (part 2)

Women Branching Out: A diversity of careers in arboriculture and urban forestry

The Arborist

Forestry Career Options

Get Fired Up!

Entering the Forest Service

We are the Forest Service