William Gering

Staff Accountant

Email: william@texastrees.org

William Gering is the Staff Accountant of Texas Trees Foundation, a private nonprofit focused on urban forestry, green infrastructure and sustainable design. The Foundation’s strategic approach is based in research driven data that is used to mitigate the environmental challenges and related public health concerns that trees can alleviate.

Mr. Gering began working with nonprofit accounting while doing missionary work in Central America.  He oversaw various commercial and residential property concerns and was responsible for the financial accounting.

William began his career as a volunteer minister in Michigan, later spending several years working for a large, nonprofit printer in New York.  After that, he spent almost a decade in Central America.  Since returning to Dallas, he has used his accounting skills to work at local area companies and nonprofits.

One of William’s quotes that has influenced his life and the choices he makes is, “Do not put a question mark where there is a period.”