Dr. Theresa Pohlkamp

UT Southwestern

I am a trained neuroscientist and geneticist, currently working as Instructor at UT Southwestern in Dallas. I am from Germany, where I completed my PhD in Neuroscience in Freiburg in 2012 before I continued my research in Dallas in 2013. My work focuses on the most important genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease: Apolipoprotein E isoform ApoE4.

During my postdoctoral training I was the Vice President of the Bike Club at UTSW, which I am still an active member of. As a bicycle enthusiast and activist, I founded the Bike Club in its current form to help students, postdocs, faculty, physicians, and staff to bike-commute on and to campus. I am leading weekly social rides for the Bike Club (currently on pause, due to Covid-19). Besides, I am an active member in the bicycle community in Dallas and lead other social rides and attend meetings like the Dallas Bicycle Coalition Meeting where I gain insight into the overall progress in bicycle infrastructure and bicycle safety in Dallas. I am in contact with and unofficial advisor for the Texas Trees Foundation since about 4 years.