Terri Scannell


Terri Scannell is senior director,social responsibility and community benefit at Vizient. In her role at Vizient Terri leads corporate responsibility reporting as well as hospital community benefit and sustainability practices.

Terri has 25 years of experience leading corporate social responsibility, organizational sustainability, non-financial impact reporting, tax exempt status and financial management efforts. She serves on the taskforce of the Culture of Health for Business Taskforce working with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Global Reporting Initiative, this work received a World Changing Ideas 2020 Award from FastCompany.

Terri worked with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board to develop the SASB standards for health care and is an expert in the Global Reporting Initiative Framework. She participated in the White House Initiative: Greening America’s Hospitals; selected for Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health’s Executive Education in Sustainability Leadership as well as Wharton’s Initiative for Global Climate Leadership.

Terri holds degrees in Finance, a Master of Business Administration, and a post graduate degree in Law (UK).