Lauren Fasic


Lauren’s passion and dedication to excellence in landscape design, communication and collaboration leadership across disciplines drove her to co-found DELINEATOR in Dallas, Texas in 2017.

In every project, Lauren focuses on strengthening the connection between people and place to develop the groundwork for long-lasting, exceptional spaces that express a harmony between people and nature. Originally from New Orleans, LA she was inspired to pursue landscape architecture as a career immediately after witnessing the catastrophic affects due to Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and recognizing that thoughtful, multifaceted and inclusive urban design could lead to dramatic future change.

Lauren Fasic’s work, domestic and abroad, spans a range of project types both public and private. She held key roles in projects including urban design, eco-tourism planning, park master planning, mixed-use and retail development, nature preservation, and small-scale park and residential development that have won Texas ASLA and National ASLA awards.

Lauren is passionate in her practice to lead and collaborate with others to create meaningful designs that reflect as much detail and quality as they do ‘story.’ Lauren sees everyday as an opportunity to educate and advocate for Landscape Architecture in her practice and service. Lauren has experience in the SWMD during her time service as Director for the Trinity Strand Trail. She is currently the DFW-ASLA Chair for 2019-2020 and serves on The Board of Directors for The Mill City Association in Dallas as well as stays active on local design juries and advisory boards.