Eduardo Vallejo

Cool Schools Coordinator


Eduardo Vallejo is the Nursery Technician for the Texas Trees Foundation, a private nonprofit focused on urban forestry, green infrastructure, and sustainable design. The Foundation’s strategic approach is based in research driven data to mitigate the environmental challenges and related public health concerns that trees can alleviate.

Eduardo is responsible the valuable upkeep and maintenance of TXU’s Energy Urban Tree Farm at Richland College, where we house and keep the trees used in park plantings and giveaways. These duties include watering trees, pruning, staking, inventory counts, tree procurement, promoting safety practices, logistical support, maintaining irrigation lines, and many other maintenance as needed. In addition, Eduardo also assists in coordinating the necessary manpower for our community projects, including managing volunteers, interns, and seasonal employees.

Prior to joining Texas Trees, Eduardo worked in sales and human resources before pursuing his passion for botany, environmentalism, and green infrastructure. Eduardo is a US Navy veteran, being enlisted from 2009 to 2013, before ending his four-year contract with an honorable discharge. While serving, he worked as an Aviation Ordanceman and was stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. He also completed two deployments in the Persian Gulf, aiding in Operation Freedom. Following his military service, Eduardo graduated in 2016, from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor degree in International Business.

In his free time, Eduardo loves to partake in outdoor activities such as gardening, biking, and hiking. He also loves to explore the exotic, culinary treasures in Dallas’ thriving food scene and travel abroad to learn about other cultures.