Bryan Beck

Education Manager


Bryan Beck is the Education Manager of the Texas Trees Foundation, a private nonprofit focused on urban forestry, green infrastructure and sustainable design. The Foundation’s strategic approach is based in research driven data to mitigate the environmental challenges and related public health concerns that trees can alleviate.

Mr. Beck’s responsibilities with the Foundation involve efforts to educate students and communities about trees, urban forestry, and the relationship between the environment and our quality of life.
Mr. Beck supports the Cool Schools program by providing engaging educational opportunities for students, stewardship and guidance for teachers and other school staff, and information about the benefits of trees within a healthy environment here in North Texas.

Bryan started his career in education, as a high school teacher and coach for the past 18 years.  After teaching high school Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, he has become a consultant for the College Board and earned a master’s degree from Mississippi State University in Environmental Geoscience.  All of his experiences have prepared him to expand the educational programming at the Texas Trees Foundation.

In his spare time, Bryan enjoys spending time with his wife, Leah and his dog, Lily.  Weekends and time off are filled with naturalist adventures, travel, and time spent at sporting events around the Dallas Metroplex.