Nature Lab

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  ~ Margaret Mead, anthropologist

What is Nature Lab?

Nature Lab is a grass roots initiative that Texas Trees Foundation is launching. Dedicated to making real change in environmental health, Nature Lab will shift the eco-paradigm from conversation to action. It will do this through robust research, science education, policy change, and strategic green collaborations.

The Big Picture  

Decades of scientific data and centuries of indigenous wisdom confirm that the connection between human health and nature is absolute and definitive. Nonetheless, environmental policies to protect and promote health are lacking, education is clouded by pseudo-science and climate change wars, air quality levels are continuing to deteriorate, expansive areas of the metroplex lack even meager greenery, and pockets of infrastructure deserts can be found throughout city. All this in an area with one of the worst urban heat islands in the entire nation. It’s time for action!

What Can You Do?

The Nature Lab is a human-centered ecosystem that brings together scholars and students, citizens and civic leaders, academic institutions and non-profits, government and business to collaborate for real change. Where can you help?

  • Nat Lab Chats – Host/support community eco-chats
  • Nat Lab Snaps – Create/post eco-messaging on social media, blogs, podcasts
  • Nat Lab Scientists Train to become a “nature scientist” for community advocacy
  • Nat Lab Files – Write op-eds, stories, peer-review publications on eco-health
  • Nat Lab Packs –  Promote change through public policy and social action
  • Nat Lab Film Fest – Artistry for films, documentaries, videos, photography on eco-health

Get in Touch

Contact Dr. Rose Jones for questions on or opportunities to support Nature Lab.