Check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you have any immediate questions about the Texas Trees Foundation.

How can I get involved as an individual, or with a larger group?

Opportunities for involvement are dependent on the season, available resources and outcomes of involvement. If you are looking for hands-on volunteering as an individual or small group – monthly Tree Tender Volunteer Days (except for summer) would be ideal for you. If you have a large group or organization, we can coordinate volunteer events or private plantings depending on your time and resources. Please contact us for more information by calling (214) 953-1184 or emailing us at info@texastrees.org.

How can I partner my organization with the Texas Trees Foundation?

We offer many opportunities to partner with the foundation, from financial contributions to in-kind donations to hands-on volunteer planting events. If your organization is interested, please contact us directly by calling (214) 953-1184 or emailing us at info@texastrees.org.

When should I reach out to coordinate private events?

As soon as possible. Our calendars fill up quickly during planting season and plantings are weather-dependent. We also need time to order trees, inventory the site, and mark utilities for digging purposes. Please contact us if you are interested in private events by calling (214) 953-1184 or emailing us at info@texastrees.org.

When do you typically plant trees and host your events?

During the Fall and Spring, which is generally October through April depending on the seasonal weather.

What is your availability during Earth Week / Spring time?

This time of year is very busy for us, and we have to turn down opportunities if they aren’t scheduled months in advanced. We also have a small staff and cannot send everyone to attend every Earth Day event – even though we would want to.

How can I get Community Service hours by volunteering with the foundation?

We offer community service opportunities for both legal and academic purposes. Coordination is up to the discretion of our team and their availability. The best time of year for community service is during Fall and Spring, as well as during our monthly Tree Tender volunteer days (except for summer). Hours can be completed through physical volunteering or in-kind services (i.e. videography, carpentry, etc…). If you are interested in community service hours, you will need to register online and we will send you further instructions followed by upcoming opportunities.

When and where do you host Tree Tender Volunteer Days?

We host our Tree Tender volunteer Days at the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center located at the Richland College campus. Generally, we schedule these volunteer days the 3rd Saturday of every month (except for summer months of June, July and August). If you are interested in attending, we ask that you register online and dress in appropriate work clothes and shoes.

Where is the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center? What are the hours?

Located at 12800 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75243 (Parking: Lot D) at the Richland College Campus. At this point in time, there are no set hours – however, we are actively maintaining and growing trees, so we regularly work onsite and have volunteer events.

Do you offer dedication trees for special events or celebrations?

We appreciate the concept of dedication trees, but do not offer this individual service through the foundation. If you are interested in a private planting and your organization wants to dedicate trees and maintain the trees after planting – please reach out and we can coordinate the private planting logistics.

How do I qualify to purchase and plant trees sold by the Texas Trees Foundation?

We do not sell trees to the public. If you are a member of a neighborhood association, church, school, non-profit organization, or municipality please feel free to contact us. We will also work with participating sponsors and partners to plant trees on private property.

Do you own Pioneer Plaza? Where are some of the statues?

In 1994, the Texas Trees Foundation dedicated Pioneer Plaza to the City of Dallas. Some of the statues have been removed for maintenance and safety purposes until restoration funds can be raised. If you would like more information about Pioneer Plaza click here.

What are the hours for Pioneer Plaza?

Pioneer Plaza is a public park and is open from sun-up to sun-down. There is no cost associated with visiting the park.  If you would like more information about Pioneer Plaza click here.