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Southwestern Medical District Streetscape

Urban Streetscape Master Plan

The Texas Trees Foundation in partnership with Southwestern Medical District is creating an Urban Streetscape master Plan for the District area.

The genesis of this project was identified through findings from the 2015 State of the Dallas Urban Forest Report prepared by the Texas Trees Foundation.  The study found that the Medical District had less than 7% tree canopy and was a major urban heat island.

The Southwestern Medical District Urban Streetscape Master Plan will create a “sense of place” and a design that is magical yet functional, sensitive to ecological requirements, and will provide a safer vehicular and pedestrian environment – one that reduces stress and supports a community for healing a body, mind and spirit.


  • Encourage community support and fundraising
  • Increase walk ability and comfort
  • Increase safety


  • Advance the Southwestern Medical District character
  • Consider human sensory through mind, body and spirit
  • Maximize seasonality


  • Keep project on budget/on-schedule
  • Consider revenue vs. operation model
  • Create philanthropic opportunities
  • Increase reinvestment values


  • Strengthen connection with nature
  • Improve stormwater quantity/quality
  • Improve human comfort
  • Incorporate resilient planting

For more information, contact Janette Monear, President, Texas Trees Foundation.

View the full SWMD Plan here.

View the SWMD Quick Facts Sheet here.

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