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Downtown Dallas (2015)

Tree Inventory and Ecosystem Report

Downtown Dallas, Inc. works with the City of Dallas to help maintain city streetscapes and to keep the area lively and beautiful. To better understand the impact and role trees play for people and businesses in the downtown area, Downtown Dallas, Inc. and the Texas Trees Foundation formed a partnership to inventory and study the shade and ornamental tree species in the downtown core. Surrounded by concrete, large buildings, and major transportation corridors, downtown Dallas is a mixture of both gray and green infrastructure that is home to 6,218 trees. One visit to downtown and you can see how trees add significantly to the beauty of the city center and enrich the quality of life for visitors, businesses, and residents. The purpose of the study is to:


1. Determine the size and scope of the urban forest in downtown Dallas
2. Catalog each public tree, and a selection of private trees, based on species, size and location
3. Assess the current health and management needs of the trees
4. Determine the ecosystem service benefits and replacement value which the trees provide to the downtown Dallas community


Trees provide a host of aesthetic, social, economic, and health benefits. One of the most common reasons people plant trees is for aesthetics. Trees add color, texture, and a dimension to the landscape that help soften the hardness of a man-made environment. Research on the aesthetics quality of trees has shown that trees are the single strongest positive influence on scenic quality (Schroeder and Cannon 1983).  See the full report here.