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Cool & Connected Oak Cliff Tree Giveaway

Here's How You Can Get A Free Tree!

Texas Trees Foundation, The Trust for Public Land, and The Nature Conservancy are partnering to offer you one or more trees* in your front yard or right-of-way for Neighborwoods / Cool & Connected Oak Cliff.  Help add to the urban tree canopy!

Click HERE to see a video about Cool & Connect Oak Cliff!

If you live in the area south of Morrell Avenue, east of I-35, west of I-45, and North of Camp Wisdom/Simpson Stewart Road, you qualify to register for a free tree(s).

Eastern Redbud (Cercis canadensis “Oklahoma”)

-Small sized deciduous tree
-Redbud will reach a height of 15′
-The canopy spread is 15′
-Showy lavender flowers in the Spring

Lacey Oak (Quercus lacei)

-Medium sized deciduous tree
-Lacey Oaks will reach a mature height of 30′
-The canopy spread is 30′
-Resistant to Oak Wilt

Desert Willow (Chilopsis linearis)

– Small sized deciduous tree
-Desert Willows will reach a mature height of 15’-25’
-The canopy spread is only 10’
-Showy pink flowers
-Very drought tolerant

Red Maple (Acer rubrum)

-Medium sized deciduous tree
-Red Maple will reach a height of 40′
-The canopy spread is 40′
-Yellow to red Fall color

Click HERE to register for your free tree(s).

Tree Registration Closes on October 8th

Click HERE  to volunteer and help plant trees on October 27th.

* A portion of the trees are provided through The City of Dallas Reforestation Program

Event Info:

October 8th – Registration for Trees Closes!