Upcoming Projects

Quincentennial Bur Oak Groves

Bob Woodruff Park is one of Plano’s oldest and heavily used green spaces. It is also the home of our majestic Quincentennial Bur Oak Tree in the southern sector of the park. That means that for over 500 years this Bur Oak has served everyone from the first settlers to these Prairie Lands,
to the present day families of this City of Excellence.  Over time, Bob Woodruff Park has lost precious trees from these once lush groves guarded by the Bur Oak. Sponsors are needed to help “ReTreethePark” and install a new irrigation system. Approximately 125 new mature trees are needed to replenish the 10 groves in Bob Woodruff Park. Each grove will accommodate 10 to 12 trees that individuals or groups have the opportunity to fund and actually volunteer to plant.  With your help we will pay tribute to the history of Plano Quincentennial Bur Oak Grove and plant for the future.

Ongoing Projects

TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm & Education Center

Completed Projects

Fueling Greener and Cleaner Communities with Atmos Energy

Atmos Energy, Texas 811, and Texas Trees Foundation have joined together to “fuel greener and cleaner communities.”  The first of 811 trees across Texas was planted in Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas on Tuesday, Aug. 11, 2015 in recognition of National 811 Day.

August 11th is also known as 811 Day. Atmos Energy encourages customers to call 811 before they dig. By calling 811 in advance, property owners and contractors are connected to their state’s one-call center, which notifies all appropriate utilities about the excavation. Professional locators mark all underground utility lines at the digging site with flags or spray paint.

“The trees will provide a total of $3.9 million in cleaner air and reduced energy cost,” Matt Grubisich, Director of Operations, Texas Trees Foundation said. “This is a great way to show Texas the importance of calling 811 before digging, while providing trees for our communities.”

The “fueling greener and cleaner” community effort will plant the trees across Texas starting Aug. 11th and wraps up in April 2016, which is National Safe Digging Month.